Process for Perection

256 processes for perfection,
DR International products are completed in 256 steps
through the hands of craftsmen in each field.


Light metals are made in the best way.
It passes through human hands such as welding,
polishing, and assembly. It requires a lot of sophistication.

Design meeting
Concept drawing

We propose a design that suits the brand and a design that allows customers to feel comfortable and satisfied.

Mold making

The design you choose will soon become a model and only one new model will be born.


The trust and responsibility accumulated over the past 30 years by sharing smooth partnerships with part managers in each field in Korea is the source of DR that produces good products.


Part managers with more than 30 years of experience check each and make drawings and 1:1 production in principle.


30년 전통의 연마기술은 어느 그 누구와도 견줄 수 없는 DR만의 노하우입니다. DR의 연마 파트는 현재 한국안경연마의 80%에 달하는 시장을 확보하고 있습니다.

> 젠틀몬스터 및 기타 수출 OEM 부품연마

Plating & Coating

It is the process of suggesting the color you want and applying it to the glasses that produce it, and suggesting the color you want and applying it to the glasses.

Export ‌& Delivery

The finished product is completed by selecting and inspecting defective products through various eyes and hands before delivery. It shows high quality.